What are the 12 Meridians and their Element Organ Associations?

Thursday, September 20, 2012 6:29
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The directing vessel and conception vessel also play important roles in pressure point fighting, though they are not likely to have any organ or element association. A less known and used meridian is the girdling vessel. These and other meridians belong to a group called extraordinary meridians.

metal lung
large intestine
fire heart
small intestine
triple warmer
water kidney
earth stomach
wood liver
gall bladder

How do I locate meridians and their associated pressure/acupuncture points?
There are a great deal of texts dealing with meridians and acupuncture point location and function, as well as the theories surrounding them in a general and healing sense, though, as stated before, harmful effects are generally unpublished or unknown. Also, many texts provide only a vague picture or description of point/meridian location, so it is necessary to study anatomy and to get hands on training to accurately locate and use the points and meridians.

What is the elemental order of the cycle of construction and destruction?
Metal > Water > Wood > Fire > Earth > Metal
Metal > Wood > Earth > Water > Fire > Metal

Will I be a better fighter by learning this fighting theory?
Knowing pressure point fighting theory will not make you a bad ass. Being able to knock people out with touches will not make you invincible. There is a great deal more to fighting than just what happens when one’s hands/feet/elbows/knees make contact with one’s opponent. Much happens before, after and during an attack. This theory is only as effective as the person applying it.

Is energy projection real, do you actually project energy into or at an opponent?
Yes, I believe it is real, though if you have never come into contact with it, it is hard to swallow. Don’t believe claims and talk, if they say they can do it, make them show you, on you. There is no other way to determine if it is real or not.

Yes, you do project energy into opponents to disrupt and overcome their own energy. Again, seeing is believing. Whether or not you believe is irrelevant, only the fact of it working or not working really matters.

You can learn a great deal from books and tapes, but all the theory in the world won’t help if you, or the person teaching you, can’t perform the knockouts, locks or projection.

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