Take Charge of Personal Training. Part 2

Thursday, May 31, 2012 16:17
Posted in category Fitness

Even with well-chosen certified trainers, the personal training “profit center” may have quite a few unnoticed profit leaks. To make personal training a real business and not just a nice service, you might want to consider a specialized business coach as Beth Rothenberg and Mary Monroe suggest on page 40.

Then, if you have a good profit system, isn’t more better? (If personal training is good, wouldn’t multipersonal training “kick it up a notch” (as Emeril likes to say)?) William McPherson’s article on page 42 offers some interesting thoughts on working with three to five clients at a time in a small, dedicated studio area. He reports mutual support among fellow exercisers and, of course, the revenue potential is easily more than can be sustained in dedicating a whole staff person to one client for the same hour.

If you have your personal training program together, with a variety of certified, specialized, degreed and experienced exercise leaders, it’s time to educate your public. You know there’s more to a personal trainer than a person who looks good in exercise wear and can count reps. But your clients may not know you know that unless you tell them. You can put the client handout on page 48 to good use in showing that you have trainers who can measure up. Many of your competitors would avoid this test.

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