Take Charge of Personal Training. Part 1

Thursday, May 31, 2012 16:14
Posted in category Fitness

Taking a break from editing the personal training articles for this issue, I sat in Rubio’s Baja Grill munching my burrito especial and turning through the pages of a regional give-away magazine for weekend athletes. Suddenly, opportunity arose: I could “Earn $$ as a personal trainer!” And, according to the ad, these folks in Orange County are ready to certify me “in two days for just $199.” I dismissed a passing thought about whether “$$” would be enough to sustain my lifestyle if I chose to escape the eyestrain of my present occupation, but other thoughts came along:

Certification is a good thing, I think, as long as it is good certification (probably requiring more that two days and two Ben Franklins). But certification is just the beginning of what’s needed for a successful personal training profit center.

Not just anybody is going to make a great personal trainer. Dr. Jim Annesi has found that he can measure behaviors and personality traits of potential trainers and predict who will be more likely to motivate and retain their clients. If you want to increase your odds of hiring successful trainers, read Annesi’s article on page 36.

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