Stereosound Equipment

Thursday, January 5, 2012 3:46
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If you are adding this program to an existing aerobics room that currently has a sound system with a headset microphone, that’s fine. A programmable CD player is recommended. The instructor should have access to the controls from where he/she is sitting on the bike via actually reaching the system or remote control.

If you will be setting up this program in a hallway, racquetball court or on the gym floor, you will need to set up a wireless microphone system with an FM receiver system, along with the tape deck, receiver and amplifier.

With the FM receiver system, each participant brings their own personal headset and tunes into a preset channel where they can hear the instructor’s voice and music. This allows other people working out in the same area to not be disturbed by the music, and it creates a lot of camaraderie and excitement among participants. Be aware that some people will forget their personal headsets, so you’ll need a system for checking them out. Be sure to have batteries for sale.


It is important that your staff undergo training by the company that manufactures the bike. The training program should cover basic mechanical issues and proper set-up techniques for determining someone’s seat and handlebar height.

Safety is also a big concern and should be addressed in the training. Be sure to ask how much the training costs, and how many people may attend. Some companies will offer a manual and a training video to help you get started.

The success of this program relies on the actual instruction given by the coach. A good training program should cover how to put the class together, from knowing how to regulate intensity through specific movements, to how to select proper music. Training should also cover different types of programs, from athletic-based classes to programs that will attract people interested in rhythmic movements and choreography. Obviously, the more people you can attract, the higher your revenue will be.

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