Ryan’s Journal

Thursday, July 12, 2012 7:07
Posted in category Fitness

The cruise through the Carribean was great. As I expected, there was food available 24 hours a day. Dinner was the killer meal. Breakfast for me (between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m.) consisted of fruit, juice and a bagel. Twice, I had a full breakfast. Lunch typically consisted of salad with occasional fresh pasta.

Dinner was another story, though. The evening meal normally consisted of two appetizers, salad, one or two entrees and dessert. I did not eat all of the courses but tasted each.

I was able to get in three exercise sessions. Twice I got out and ran around the deck for 40 minutes before it got too hot. I also visited the gym one day to get in a weight session. This consisted of a warmup, an upper body workout and a lower body workout.

The activity that gave me a good workout was snorkeling. We went twice, both times for two hours or more. This didn’t consist of just lying in the water. Each were good workouts. My legs were sore the next days from the swimming.

I did gain about 6 pounds. I have been able to lose 2 pounds this week. I was not able to work out this week. As soon as I got back from vacation, I was on the road.

When I returned, my wife was on the road, and I had to get the kids organized for school. There wasn’t any time for much else.

I will be traveling this week, as usual, but should be able to get back into the exercise regimen.

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