Potty Training Advice

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 8:06
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You are right — your son does seem to have good control of his bladder and bowels, as do most children by the time they are about 3. He is physically ready for using the toilet, but he hasn’t quite decided that he really wants to use the potty. His diaper is familiar territory, and he’ll just wait until he has a diaper on, thank you very much!

I suggest that you do not press the issue. Put the potty in a conspicuous place that he can get to quickly. Many children are a little afraid of the “big” toilet early on. The magical thinking of children may tell them that if the poops can be flushed away, then they themselves can be flushed away, too. Take him shopping with you for big-boy pants and get the ones he likes. Refer to the potty several times a day, always very positively, like, “When you are ready, you can use the potty. And it will be nice to wear your big-boy pants.”

Every morning, ask him whether he wants to wear big-boy pants or a diaper. If he chooses the diaper, give it to him with the words, “When you are a little bit older, you’ll be ready to use the potty.” If he chooses underwear, remind him that he’ll need to use the potty, because his tummy will get sore holding the pee and poop (or whatever words he uses) all day. Ask him to let you know when he needs to pee or poop, so you can give him a diaper for a few minutes if he’s not ready to use the potty.

If he does poop in the diaper, ask him if he wants to help you flush the poops in the toilet. If he says no, then he may be fearful. If he says yes, wave bye-bye to the poops as they flush away, and then remind him that when he is a little older, he’ll leave his poops in the potty.

Over a short time, if he is not pushed, he’ll want to use the potty. I’ll guarantee he won’t be going to kindergarten in a diaper!

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