Pheromones Response and Process of Attraction

Thursday, September 24, 2009 5:56
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Chemical substances that are odorless and secreted from human sweat glands are known as pheromones. Animals produce them as well and the pheromones behave as a kind of chemical communication in animals. The purpose of some pheromones produced by animals and humans is to attract a mate and to relay information regarding reproductive status and genetic compatibility.

It is believed that the apocrine glands produce pheromones in humans. During puberty these glands reach maturity, which sheds light on why most teens become attracted to others at that time. In addition, pheromones are capable of changing hormone levels, accelerating puberty, influencing the menstrual cycles of women, affecting our choice of mate, and can even impact our sexual orientation. They assist us in recognizing friends and family as opposed to strangers and they are critical in the bonding process between a mother and her child.

In the area of human romance, pheromones in your body scent are probably quite influential in the attraction of members of the opposite sex. An article that appeared in Psychology Today states that the perception of body odors by another person, (especially one of the opposite sex) is quite a selective process. Normally people who have a genetically based immunity to disease that is quite different from our own will be the most appreciative of our odor. This is natural selection in action, guaranteeing that offspring will be stronger and healthier.

Regarding the attraction of the opposite sex, pheromones can be described as a “perception” of the other person that causes them to be drawn to you for reasons that they would not be able to explain. I have had firsthand experience with this and I can verify that it really does work. It has been a matter of debate for quite some time as to whether or not human pheromones can be produced in a form that can be applied to the body. There is fierce competition among the various manufacturers of pheromone sprays and scents, with each claiming to have that special ingredient that will attract members of the opposite sex and cause people within a certain radius to be attracted to you. While this science is still quite new, particular chemicals have been found that have been demonstrated to elicit the “pheromone response” in humans. It goes without saying that these have been mass produced and marketed to the masses. Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone or the correct balance of androsterone will be included in the formulas that are most authentic.

A number of studies have been done to find out if chemically produced pheromones are effective. One of these studies, conducted by a pioneer in the field of pheromones, Dr. Blamer, produced promising results. 70% of people who tried a commercial pheromone in this study that was developed by Dr. Viber, found that they engaged in more hugging, kissing and sexual intercourse. In that case, why not spend some money on Pheromone Spray? Is there anything to be lost?

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