Online Pharmacy Cheap Generic Drugs Compared To Offline Stores Generic Drugs

Friday, January 16, 2009 12:54
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Online Stores Generic Drugs Compared To Offline Stores Generic Drugs:

Cheap drugs are nice, but getting drugs without paying a red cent is nicer; hold on a minute, this statement is a prank about generic drugs. You should have seen a bit of sarcasm in the joke that is difficult to miss. That is not what this article is about. But the reality continues to be that, generics and cheap drugs are becoming cheaper daily when online drug stores are selling them rather than offline drug stores. That is going to be the focus of this article.

First of all, it is required that generic drugs be analyzed and verified the same way as name brand drugs to establish their similarities in all areas such as side effects, safety issues and level of risk just as their name brand equivalents. These tests are done under statutory surveillance. The required scientifically established testing sequences are used in progressive stages. Testing begins at laboratories and later, before approval, it is continued at clinics for extended periods.

While it is true that this is a time consuming process and there is a high potential for failure, it is also true that there is no research involved so the extra time required for research is also eliminated. This cuts the cost of developing generic drugs by as much as 60-70%. This is one of the most likely reasons generics are called cheap drugs, but it is not the only reason.

Patent protected brand name drugs have a 20-year exclusive price monopoly. No one can imagine ordinary patients being able to afford these drugs on a sustained basis. Insurance and social security support systems make feeble attempts to improve the situation. India and other countries with the same social and economic status, make billions of dollars selling cheap drugs. Drugs that are made here are cheap in reality and they are available for sale at online pharmacies.

For what reasons do generic drugs cost less at online stores than they cost at offline stores? Well, let’s look at how generic drugs are more inexpensive if online pharmacies sell them instead of offline stores. Generic drugs can be bought anytime, day or night, since they are dispensed automatically in distant locations of generic manufacturing countries and they can do this without inventory fees and making investments. The drugs that you order online are sent directly from the most cost efficient producer that supplies the store, after your order is processed. This is a benefit for both the online store and the manufacture of the cheap drug of the actual cost of offline pharmacies. Brick and mortar drug stores lack the major advantage of their online counterparts. This is mostly due to the vast differences in business paradigms.

Speaking of their business paradigms, the brick and mortar drug stores are further disadvantaged by the tax structure of their respective countries which generally removes any benefits the social security and medical insurance would have otherwise provided.

What I believe is simple, if a generic drug can do the job just as well, then why shouldn’t I save hundreds of dollars ordering from an online pharmacy.

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