MP3ing the Night Away

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 6:41
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Music on the PCs a few years ago was a pretty sorry affair. Most people only ever heard badly produced “midi” files, or large and crackly “wav” files. People who knew a bit more about PCs were into mods and various tracker formats, but the quality still wasn’t there, the dream of realistically having CD quality music on your PC that didn’t take up your whole hard disk seemed crazy.

Things have changed, and changed fast. MP3 format has been around for a few years, but only recently has taken off in a big way. They are now extremely easy to produce once the appropriate software has been downloaded. It is the acceleration of the ‘net that has meant listening to MP3s is all too easy.

WinAmp is the most popular piece of software used to listen to MP3 files. MP3s themselves can be found all over the net, a simple search on any search engine will bring up millions of links.

The problem of course with MP3s is that most people aren’t using MP3 technology to record their own music, but are ripping music from CDs and then making this music available to anyone who wants it. This of course is illegal and has recently caught the attention of various record companies and pop stars.

Even with pressure from record companies, it seems MP3 is going from strength to strength. With large companies such as Diamond and Creative Labs producing portable MP3 players, and even companies such as Sony taking an interest, then it seems unlikely to die. MP3 will no doubt be surpassed by even better technology as time goes on, but expect music distributed over the web to become the norm in years to come.

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