Medical Fitness Statistics

Monday, February 6, 2012 4:21
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Information from the Medical Fitness Association says there are currently more than 550 medical fitness centers in the U.S. The latest survey (2001) identifies the south and east as having the largest number of centers, and the MFA’s 2000 Guide states that the majority of medical fitness centers are located east of the Mississippi River. Their average revenue is $36 per square foot, and the average age of members is about 52. Also, according to Wing, medical fitness center attrition rates (24 percent) are lower than the fitness industry norm (35 percent).

Industry growth

The growth of medically based fitness facilities continued steadily over the past several years, with about 25 to 50 new facilities per year. But, according to Wing, with the struggle hospitals faced with reimbursement in the past three to four years, some hospitals are slowing down their plans to build a fitness center until capital is more readily available.

That said, says Wing, “the overall trend of expansion will likely not only continue, but accelerate, as healthcare systems see a wider body of evidence that it is feasible to impact.

The health status of large groups of people through the type of programming offered by medically based fitness facilities. And [also], that it can be done at or above break-even levels.”

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