Making Sure Weight Loss Supplements Work for You

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 9:36
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Choosing and Using

The supplement industry brings in billions of dollars every year, a great deal of which comes in as a result of people buying supplements that they simply do not need. From miracle stimulants to improper bulk-up products labeled for weight loss, there are hundreds of supplements out there that require specific research and strategy for effective use. Many consumers, without researching, end up buying supplements that are not effective, or are rendered ineffective through improper use and strategy.

Of course, that is not to say that all supplements are ineffective. The supplements industry exists for a reason: they work. However, without researching what you are buying, it is easy to end up with supplements that simply do not deliver the results that you want. These four simple tips will help you find supplements that work for you and help you achieve the weight loss results that you want.

#1: Always check the active ingredients.
A lot of supplements, particularly flavored powders, are packed with artificial sweeteners and other chemicals that can have detrimental health effects. Sure, they will help you lose weight, but nobody wants to lose weight at the cost of their health and fitness. If you are allergic to any substances, be sure to check for them on the label before you pick out supplements or weight loss products.

#2: Supplements are effective when incorporated into a balanced diet.
You can’t take weight loss pills and eat ten McDonalds meals per day. The pills will certainly work, but the massive amount of calories that are coming in are going to completely outweigh any effect that the supplements may have. If you are incorporating weight loss pills, powders or drinks into your weight loss routine, add them to a balanced diet.

#3: Supplements are most effective when timed strategically.
Bodybuilders have ultra-specific schedules for their supplements, allowing them to maximize the effect of each substance before and after exercise. While you do not need to go to so much effort, it is smart to spend at least some time planning out your supplement routine before you start using them. If you are using protein supplements to maintain your weight, be sure to time them after exercise. If you are using weight loss supplements that require a lengthy abstinence from food, it is best to time them for use before sleep.

#4: Some supplements are less effective when used with others.
Weight loss supplements are, quite obviously, useless when paired with a bulk-up shake or protein powder. While some supplements will promise rapid weight loss, you need to incorporate them into your supplement routine to see the most benefits from them. Do not just go out and buy everything under the sun, plan your supplements so that each one is working independently to deliver results, without interfering with one another.

These tips will help you find weight loss supplements that actually help you lose weight. Remember, weight loss drugs are useless without at least a semi-healthy lifestyle, and an investment in supplements is only worthwhile if you can follow through on a realistic weight loss routine. Good luck, healthy living, and enjoy the lost pounds.

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