Is There Truth in Supplement Ads Post 2

Thursday, August 11, 2011 5:41
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Not that most people wanting to lose weight don’t care about the risk, but the idea of losing the weight and looking good seem to outweigh those worries. There are different reasons that people lose weight. Some lose for the cosmetic value and some want to lose because of health problems or risk of future problems. Think about why you want to lose the weight and what your goal may be. Is your goal to lose weight to look physically better, to lower cholesterol, to lower your risk for heart disease or just to increase energy?

For whatever the reasons remember it in your research of the product. Read the label carefully. Has this product been approved by the Food and Drug Administration? What are the ingredients and what are they supposed to do? Look up information on the ingredients everywhere. What are they? What do they do? How does it work?

If the FDA has approved the product, the following will be true. The labeled information will be regulated. The statements will not be misleading. All dietary ingredients in the product will be safe. The information will be presented in FDA specified format. The label will contain enough information about the composition to make an informed choice.

Remember that manufacturers and distributors do not need to register with the FDA or get approval from the FDA before producing or selling dietary supplements. Think about it. If the bottle states, “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease,” this product has not been proven safe or proven to work. It is the same as stating, “take at your own risk.”

Have you ever really looked at a commercial of a nutritional supplement and read the very fine print that appears periodically on the screen? The better question may be, “have you ever really noticed the phrases that appear on the screen?” We all notice the before and after pictures.

We notice there is usually a medical doctor that is giving us great encouragement to buy these products. Think about it. How many doctors do we know that have to endorse a product to make money. Most medical doctors are not actors that endorse products.

Do we actually see the phrase, “Weight loss will only occur with a healthy diet and exercise?” These phrases usually pop up for just a second while the doctor is giving all the great results he has seen.

How about the phrase, “This weight loss is not typical of all.” If you really think about these statements you realize the chances are slim that you will lose the weight as the product advertises. You suddenly realized the actor is stating you do not have to change your diet. You can eat anything you want and you do not have to exercise.

At the very same time as you really want to believe and hope this is true, you see a phrase flash for a few seconds on the screen in very fine print. If you are thinking clearly you will see the phrase, however, chances are you will not see them because you are so excited you have finally found the supplement that will work for you. You can eat anything and exercise none!

Remember before trying the supplement think about it and look at both sides. Look at the commercials very closely. There are usually two sides involved when the product does not have FDA approval and the commercials flash phrases that are opposite of the actor’s very statement. This proposal is that we all think about it! We all should do our research on the product, study commercials very carefully, read the label and know that diet and exercise will always be a part of weight loss.

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