Healthy Gift Ideas for Anyone

Monday, February 20, 2012 11:16
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To help motivate healthier eating, Adams suggests thinking creatively — for the Mexican food lover, buy a low-fat Mexican cookbook accompanied with a set of spices for those dishes. Or maybe a co-worker is a tea drinker who would love a nice teapot filled with bags of green tea, which research shows helps prevent heart disease, Adams says.

Know someone who loves potatoes? Filling a holiday basket with all different kinds of potatoes, low-fat recipes and toppings, such as butter and salt substitutes, is a favorite suggestion of Tammy Baker, a registered dietician and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.

To help alleviate fears of contamination, which Baker says is the public’s No. 1 concern about food, buy a neighbor a meat thermometer, cutting board and a colorful soap dispenser for her kitchen.

“I don’t necessarily shop for what we typically think of as healthy gifts. I just try to think about what that person would really appreciate, and most of the time I find the gift is something that benefits their health in one way or another,” Baker said.

Tiffany Young, of Kokomo, Ind., recalls one of the best Christmas presents she received from her sister. “She set up all my doctor’s appointments and a paid baby-sitter for those days. Some people thought it was kind of weird present, but my sister knew how I always made some excuses and put off doing it. She also knew I was worried because I hadn’t been in a long time.” Within six weeks, Young had visited her family physician, gynecologist and dentist, and when she received a clean bill of health she “felt like a weight had been lifted.”

Gifts for Elderly Family and Friends
Young says she thinks she’s easy to shop for, but she has a hard time finding the perfect gift for some of her family members — particularly those who are elderly.

Aging advocacy groups say elderly friends and relatives are often appreciative of offers to drive them to the doctor’s office or grocery store. Handy with tools? Maybe you could install railings along the steps or walls for a grandparent or neighbor.

“The key is to think outside the box of what we typically consider healthy, and think about what that person might want or need that would improve their overall health,” Morgan said.

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