Gabapentin as Prescription Drug for Neuropathic Pain

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 10:37
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Approved by the FDA in 1994, for the assistance of persons with epileptic disorder and for the better handling of mild seizures, was a prescription drug known as Gabapentin, or brand name, Neurontin. Neuropathic pain is also a condition that is commonly treated by this medication, since the approval. The nervous system is mainly affected by this sort of pain. On a limited basis, it has also been employed to cure bipolar disorder, migraine avoidance, and a few difficult types of depression usually resistant to medication. With all the different applications for this remedy, though, one should try to understand all the possible side effects of gabapentin.

Dizziness is one of the side effects that happens frequently with Gabapentin usage. Usually, this happens during the start of treatment, but generally becomes less after your body begins to get used to the drug. Drowsiness in the extreme is another common complaint of users of Neurontin. Steer clear of motor vehicle and heavy machinery operation until you know how drowsy this prescription will make you.

Peripheral edema is another side effect stated commonly by users of Neurontin. The feet and hands swell during this condition which is uncomfortable. Visit a physician immediately, if the condition is painful, or is not relieved after a short time after beginning treatment with Gabapentin.

In some initial studies, rats developed carcinomas. Although the rats’ life spans were not decreased by the carcinomas, additional studies are needed.

It is highly recommended that you discuss your neuropathic pain, and the exploration of this treatment further, to discover the details of the side effects of Neurotin or Gabapentin. Living with physical pain is a truly awful experience. Gabapentin offers much needed relief for many people.

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