Finding or Starting a Playgroup

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 6:52
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The Millbrook Area Playgroup in Alabama and other groups suggest six sure-fire tips to finding a playgroup or getting a new one off the ground.

Join the local chapter of a larger organization, such as the International MOMS Club. Some sponsor playgroups and other support activities for at-home moms and their kids.

Ask around. There may be several playgroups in your neighborhood. Since kids are always getting older and moving on to school, there may be an open spot for you.
Check with local churches, libraries and hospitals, which may know of existing playgroups or groups of like-minded mothers who might be interested in starting one. Library story hours, post-natal education programs and church groups are often filled with moms looking for a fun morning out.

Make flyers and post them in local businesses, churches, libraries, hospitals, pediatric offices and the chamber of commerce. Playgroup veterans suggest you be specific about the goals and format of the group (Will it be free play time or organized activities?

Meeting in homes or at a local park? Will it include babies, preschoolers or both?) to make sure those who respond have similar goals in mind.

Check the local newspapers. Some will allow you to advertise for playgroups for free.
Target a specific neighborhood. That way, no mother is traveling too far and the children are likely to attend school together in the future.

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