Eden Healing Remedies

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 6:26
Posted in category Anti-Aging

Making herbal preparations at home is where the real fun really begins. Herbs and other natural resources are extracted to preserve some components that cannot withstand long exposure to air. Some are extracted to concentrate one or more of the plantís chemical constituents, or eliminate undesirable ingredients.

The potency of herbs can be standardized through specific extraction processes. The quality of homemade herbal remedies depends on the quality of the plants used. Plants must be free from decomposition spots, insect holes, mold, and they must look, smell and feel healthy and vibrant. Dried or freshly picked, flowers, fruit, seeds, leaves, roots and gums, can be used in herbal preparations.

Our family herbal medicine cabinet is lined with small jars of dried herbs and spices, floral waters, herbal vinegarís, tinctures, tonics, salves, syrups, Bach remedies, and essential oils.

There are many techniques available to start your own Eden Healing Cabinet, and each man will adapt methods using the following information and skills. Once herbs have been grown, harvested and dried, and you read up on the basics on herbal cosmetic and medicinal use, thereís nothing stopping you making rescue remedies for the whole familyís everyday first-aid, and simple health conditions.

Learning to use herbs for health and skin-care is a lifelong process. Yet, it can be very rewarding to be able to successfully treat an illness and learn a preventative way to live, as you become more familiar making and using different herbal preparations. The more comfortable you become, the more youíll know which herbs and other natural resources to keep on hand, season to season. Both your family and personal habits will to some degree dictate what ingredients you need to store.

Sometimes, by treating a particular condition before it has a chance to take hold on your immunity, you can limit the chances of becoming seriously ill. Remember to keep all cooking and medicinal herbs separate, and although it might take a little time to get your supplies together, it will be well worth your efforts to be prepared, since prevention is the key to ageless aging for a lifetime.

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