Development Psoriasis

Monday, October 24, 2011 8:00
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It’s just five days and it will be one month since I wrote the first Infusion Journal entry. What a change this past month has made. I am almost completely clear of the flaking and itching that has plagued me for the past 25 years. I am scheduled for my next infusion treatment on April 27th, and can’t wait.

The patches have all but faded away in most places. You can still see a trace area of light pink, but the doctor feels that this will continue to fade until it will be nearly impossible to tell where I have had patches. This is amazing since I’ve had most of the larger patches for 17 – 25 years depending on the area of the body.

My back has been covered for most of the 25 years, my buttocks have been covered for most of 17 years. It is a miracle that I am feeling the relief of not having an outbreak all over my body. I can’t begin to describe how the Remicade has been an answer to my prayers.

It seems like yesterday that I was in basic training at Orlando Naval Training center. It came time to shave heads and when mine was shaved I can still hear the gasps of the other recruits. Some said I looked like a monster. I was immediately taken to the base hospital, and then to the base dermatologist.

Given some sulfur compounds and and told to put it on all the patches 2x’s daily. It did clear slightly, but not before I was given an Honorable medical discharge. Another embarrassment courtesy of Psoriasis.

I plan to post updated pictures in the near future to show how the Remicade is helping me.

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