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Thursday, July 21, 2011 7:10
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The doctor will get the best results by using one of the following body feedback tests to confirm which is the best Homeopathic formula for each patient’s Condition. The appropriate testing of an individual muscle can provide the doctor feedback as to the right choice of formulas. The right Homeopathic formula will cause either a weak muscle to become strong or a strong muscle to become weak.

The most common muscle used for testing is the pectoralis major clavicular or deltoid This is done with the patient supine and the arm straight up towards the ceiling and the elbow locked straight. Test the muscle for its strength or weakness, Place a few drops to 1/8 capful of the KBP Homeopathic Formula of first choice in the patient’s mouth under the tongue. Wait five to seven seconds and retest the muscle. A dramatic change in the muscle test described above would indicate a positive test for that Homeopathic formula.

It is recommended that only one KBP Homeopathic Formula be used at a time, unless symptoms demand the use of more than one. It is common practice to use a Detox & Drainage Formula with a primary formula, especially in chronic conditions. When applying multiple Homeopathic formulas. each formula should he taken as far apart from The other as possible This allows each Homeopathic formula its full effect upon the body. If other KBP Homeopathic Formulas need to be tested, have the patient do repeated swallowing three to five times.

If within thirty seconds the muscle returns to its original state, the test can be repeated as described above. If the muscle is questionable or spongy and not firm in its response, consider the muscle weak. The correct KBP Homeopathic Formula will sharpen the muscle’s response when tested.

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with muscle testing techniques. it is recommended you take a course in muscle testing or consult a doctor who is familiar with AK (Applied Kinesiology).

LEG CHECK PROCEDURE — You may use a Leg Check Procedure as either an alternative to or in conjunction with the muscle test. This is done also laying supine or face up. Check the leg length. noting which leg is short and approximating how short it is, Place a few drops or more under the tongue arid recheck the leg length, If the leg length changes either way (better or worse) is an indication through the body’s feedback system that the body is responding favorably to the formula tested.

NOTE: Using The sublingual neuropath way under the tongue is well documented in scientific literature. More Thorough explanations of these procedures are noted in educational materials.

ELECTRO ACUPUNCTURE TECHNIQUE (EAV) — These techniques have grown in popularity over the past ten years. There are now many varieties of machines and techniques available to you.

COMPATIBILITY— KBP HOMEOPATHIC FORMULAS are a valuable adjunct to Chiropractic, nutritional supplements, herbals, and diets. There are NO ADVERSE Reactions with other natural therapies or medicines which may be necessary.

SAFETY — KBP HOMEOPATHIC FORMULAS ARE ALCOHOL FREE. SUGAR FREE. NON HABIT FORMING. AND FREE OF SIDE EFFECTS. Because of our specific dilution and potentization process, only minute quantities of our all-natural ingredients are needed to ACTIVATE THE BODY’S DEFENSES to help naturally heal, repair. strengthen. and prevent illness. KBP HOMEOPATHIC FORMULAS CANNOT inflict injury or harm in any form of side effects. In The last 190 years of use, no Homeopathic remedy has ever been recalled for harmful side effects. They are among The SAFEST PREPARATIONS KNOWN to medical science.

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