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Thursday, July 14, 2011 7:03
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APPLICABILITY — The use of KBP FORMULAS in our broad spectrum of Homeopathic potencies helps obviate the need for complex Homeopathic repertorizing, which the classical Homeopathic methods of the past have demanded. In today’s world, the complexity of dis-ease makes Homeopathic repertorizing for a single remedy especially difficult and many times impractical.

Also, with today’s complex health problems, many single Homeopathic remedies are commonly necessary to cut through the many complicated layers of dis-ease and reach the ultimate state of desired health. The comprehensiveness of KBP Homeopathic Formulas will provide you with the armamentarium you need to effectively manage today’s more complex health problems.

USER FRIENDLY— Our Homeopathic Formulas are designed to correct complex problems With simple answers. Read our list of formulas and you will see they are NAMED FOR EXACTLY WHAT THEY TREAT. The indications for use are listed on the front of each KBP bottle for the convenience of both the patient and the doctor. CLINICAL EFFECTIVENESS AND SIMPLICITY equals ultimate SUCCESS FOR BOTH THE PHYSICIAN AND THE PATIENT. Filling out the Patient Health Appraisal Questionnaire (PHAQ) is very helpful in determining and prioritizing which KBP Homeopathic formula or formulas to consider. Matching the name of the Homeopathic formula and the indications for use (listed on the label) to the patient’s overall condition, simplifies the doctor’s choice of formulas.

CLASSICAL PRESCRIBING — Although KBP Homeopathic Formulas are practical. effective. and easy to use, There will always be a place for CLASSICAL PRESCRIBING from the Homeopathic Repertory. If you achieve only partial results from one of our formulas and some symptoms persist, check other related formulas listed in the Homeopathic Formula Repertory.

Also check the complementary Homeopathic formulas listed in the back under the description of each formula If optimal results are not obtained, then it is possible for you to cross reference the individual ingredients of the Homeopathic formula most helpful with the classical literature and go into higher potencies with the appropriate Homeopathic remedy(s). Until you are comfortable with this, it is recommended you consult with someone who is experienced with Classical Homeopathic Procedures.


COOKBOOK APPROACH — KBP HOMEOPATHIC FORMULAS are designed and labeled to be USER FRIENDLY, The doctor can safely provide the appropriate KBP Homeopathic Formulas by their names and indications on the labels that most accurately describe the patient’s symptomatic patterns or condition.

THE SUBLINGUAL NERVE REFLEX RESPONSE (Muscle Test Procedure) —Although this is the simplest procedure, the Homeopathic Cookbook Approach is not the most effective. Finding the correct KBP Formula(s) to match The underlying cause(s) of a patients overall condition is the key to the successful use of Homeopathy.

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