Baby & The Beast. Part 2

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 13:33
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Make the appropriate introductions

Many experts recommend introducing the baby to your household pets through their sense of smell. Have your partner bring an item of the baby’s clothing or bedding to your pet for “inspection” before the baby comes home from the hospital. When Fido comes face-to-face with your little bundle of joy, his nose will sense something familiar.

Play chaperone

Regardless of how much you trust your pets, never leave your infant unattended with them. Although I don’t believe the “cat-smothering-the-infant” myth, I did recently notice one of my cats swatting at the baby in her bouncy-seat. Without meaning any harm, large dogs could trample an infant lying on the floor. You can avoid dangerous scenarios by keeping the baby at your side or in an area where pets don’t have access.

Show unconditional love

No matter how well-behaved your pets are, they are probably feeling a little neglected. After all, you are now cooing over the baby with the same adoring voice and gestures previously reserved for them. Carve out regularly scheduled quality time for your “first child.” Walk the dog alongside the stroller, or brush your cat while the baby snoozes in her swing.

Managing a household of pets and children is no small feat. Sure, you’ll be stressed out when you find a dog hair on your baby’s pacifier for the first time. Hang in there. You’ll be well rewarded the first time your child laughs out loud at your furry friend.

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