Are Foot Detox Patches a Scam?

Thursday, January 21, 2010 9:56
Posted in category Detoxifying

A lot of people wonder about that. I don’t fault them for being doubtful since I was this way also.

It is good to be cautious and question things. We exist in an environment that looks to be geared toward dishonesty regarding consumers.

Is there proof that detox foot patches really work? Of course!

- The visual proof that you get after using a detox foot pad is amazing. There is a notable improvement after several continuous days of use.

- A widely recognized Environmental Laboratory, SRC Analytical Lab, studied several types of foot pads. Nickel, Mercury, Arsenic as well as other substance were found soaked into the pads.

- Multiple pads were examined using a syncrometer for some people. Isopropyl alcohol, asbestos, cadmium,† fast green dye, copper, methyl alcohol, thallium, benzene, mercury, nickel, aluminum, sudan black dye are the substances that the syncrometer detected in the used pads.

- Scientists examined people’s hair before and after the application of detox foot pads. The difference in the amounts of toxins was clear.

- Japanese scientists have done intensive research on foot pads utilizing Thermography. They found out that the pads had the ability to enhance circulation and then detoxify the body.

- An investigation found that the cleansing foot pads raise the occurrence of alpha brain waves. These movements contributed to the recovery and relaxation procedure.

Keep one thing in mind. Avoid fake, cheap detox foot patches.

They typically have diminished quality or in some situations, contain dangerous chemicals. This is the main reason that a lot of people received an unsatisfactory outcome when using detox foot pads.

However when you use verified and researched items, the outcome is amazing. There are high standard foot detox patches that continue to show amazing results.

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