A Higher Level of Service

Thursday, December 8, 2011 8:02
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It’s been said that it’s easier to criticize than it is to praise. If a piece of equipment is broken in your club, you can guarantee your members will let you know. They may not be so quick to note, however, that your equipment is always up and running. The manager’s job, therefore, is to let members know how hard the club works to please its customers. Simply put, if you’ve got a good PM program, market it.

Evanston Athletic Club uses its preventive maintenance program to pitch the club to potential clients, as well as retain current members. “Before we had a preventive maintenance program, we had a lot of complaints about equipment breaking down, not running smoothly or being old,” says Cunningham. “Now, when a piece of equipment goes down, the members don’t even complain about it because they know it’ll be fixed within 48 hours. It’s a level of service they’ve come to expect.”

Replacement parts inventory

Regular scheduled maintenance and replacement of worn parts help avoid larger problems. Preventive maintenance provides longer equipment life, improved performance and lower operating costs.

Plus, having supplies and replacement parts on hand will keep downtime to a minimum. Depending on your equipment, maintain an inventory of extra fasteners, master chain links, snap rings, nuts and bolts, as well as:

Maintenance — lubricants, cleaners

Stair climbers — bearings, bushings, chains, cables

Bikes — chains, bearings, pedals

Treadmills — run deck, run belt, motor, elevator belts

Strength machines — pulleys, selector pins, linear bearings

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